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Wealth is more than money.

It’s the inflection point where you evolve from just making money to making money do things for you, your family, and your legacy.

This means money needs more than management - it needs a strategic plan.

Our e3 model – empower, enhance, elevate – is the foundation of that plan and can help you build a multi-generational wealth platform.
We are uniquely positioned as a fiduciary to advise, build, and implement a strategy that aligns with your lifestyle aspirations and long-term vision. We act as your trusted financial advocate, providing unbiased advice, strategic investments, and a family office level of dedicated service.
After all, if money is a means, isn’t it time for it to mean more?

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We are a boutique Investment firm that provides advice as a Fiduciary. This means we place our clients' interests above ours or anyone else's. Being seasoned, tenured advisors we do not believe in a "one size fits all" approach which means our advice is specific to you, your family and your goals. This type of advice begins with and follows a plan. And the plan begins by understanding you. Only through truly knowing our clients and a thorough understanding of their needs, can we provide this high level of advice which allows us to properly construct a portfolio that works today and in the future.  


As Fiduciary's we invest based on your goals. We do not 'sell' products but 'use' different public and private direct investments to reach goals. Our interests are aligned as we charge an annual fee for our services and do not charge commissions.

The portfolio we design based on your specific goals is "Outcome Based" and is built around our e3 model.

In the planning for your portfolio, we strive to 'empower' you by identifying assets to create a lifelong income stream, 'enhance' your life by investing for your retirement and 'elevate' by helping set you on a path to multi-generational wealth.


For some, you are in the process of amassing your retirement nest egg or helping provide for your family. For others, you have worked and reached a level of wealth and you may be looking for the next stage in your life. For some younger people you have or are inheriting wealth beyond your wildest dreams. Regardless of which stage you are in we can help and advise you. Planning and then investing is the start. On an ongoing basis you deserve a high level of personalized service. 

Whether you are contemplating setting aside money for your grandchildren or discussing a complex trust structure we want you to feel comfortable, heard and included. Our 'e3' model helps remove some of the stress of short-term market volatility but it is our service level that truly distinguishes us. We operate our firm as your extended family office providing a high-touch, personalized level of service and detail. We are a boutique wealth management firm that makes investments, but we are much more. High touch, intelligent, open and professional. Our firm is built to service you.

Money is very personal, and wealth means different things to each of us.  After advising families for more than three decades we know wealth is more than just sums of money.

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