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Build & Preserve


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1. empower

First, we help you design a wealth platform strategy and plan, then we build a sustainable income stream to get your money to start doing more for you.

2. enhance

In the "enhance" phase of our e3 model we execute behavioral finance strategies to help you realize your lifestyle objectives and goals.

Mountains and Glaciers

3. elevate

We don't just offer traditional private wealth service, we "elevate" by providing high-touch, family office level of service and detail. We serve our clients through investments and a strategy for multi-generational wealth.

e3 Model: Projects

e3 is Fee based Asset Management

Quantum Private Wealth is a registered investment advisor with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). We do not charge commissions or sell products with up-front sales charges (sometimes called loads). Most of our clients choose to invest assets in our advisory platform. In an advisory account, you do not pay for individual transactions to buy, sell, trade or rebalance your account. Instead, there is an advisory fee (which takes the form of a flat percentage fee) that is deducted from your account four times each year (quarterly). The dollar amount associated with this fee is based on the account’s value so if you experience a market decline, our collected fee shrinks. If your account goes up, we celebrate with you! This fee pays for our advice, trading, monitoring and actively rebalancing in your account.

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