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3rd Quarter 2020 Review

End of the 3rd quarter of what maybe the strangest year in my 35 in the business. If you were Rip Van Winkle and had fallen asleep on January 1 you would have woken up October 1st to a world where people were working from home, had adopted all the dogs at the dog shelters and everyone is sporting a new accessory…a mask. Some strange turn of events. But what wouldn’t have been strange would be the stock market return. Rip would wake to a market that was up 5.57 ( total return) for the year, the Information Technology index was up 28.69% and the Energy index was down 48.9%. Pretty much a normal year. Now how we got here is what makes this the strangest year. A springtime +30% drop in the S&P followed by a summer +30% rally has left those who follow the markets feeling whipsawed and in many cases worried and disheartened. The reason for these feelings is of course the COVID 19 pandemic which has been on the attack for over seven months and the emotions that we experience during turbulent times. At Quantum Private Wealth we manage through these types of periods by sticking to our core values and our Quantum SEE processes. By maintaining a long term outlook, establishing an income stream, a way to increase your standard of living and establishing a framework for passing on wealth to those that you love we help take some of the stress out of these strange periods.

Stay safe and thank you again for the trust you place in our team at Quantum.

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