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4th Quarter 2020 Review


At the end of the third quarter I referenced Rip Van Winkle as if to say had you slept and not paid attention to the equity markets between March and October you never would have known they dropped over 25% …and then rallied all the way back to even. Sleeping till Jan 1 2021 you also would have avoided knowing about COVID 19, that you were locked down, a presidential election took place and 2020 was the second most volatile year since the 1930’s. Oh, and then you would have thought the S&P500 had a pretty good year. As a matter of fact…up over 18% and at an all-time high. For those that did not sleep many were a wreck…fearing what was occurring and often overreacting to it. Why does that matter? Well because it shows that if you are an investor you should not make long term decisions based on the current news cycle or what the talking heads on TV are saying.

Taking a step back, one of the advantages of not working for someone else is I finally get to say what I want to say and offer what is on my mind. Those of you who have known me for years or even a short period know I definitely have had my own thoughts and my own investment philosophy. This philosophy has been crystalized into the Quantum SEE investment strategy. The legendary investor Ben Graham famously offered “The investors chief problem…is...likely to be himself”. Over trading, panic buying and selling and a basic lack of a long-term view results in chronic underperformance. At Quantum we focus on helping provide that long term view. Behavioral finance helps us create a better way to invest. This is the advantage of investing using the Quantum SEE philosophy of creating an income stream to SUSTAIN you, investing properly to ENHANCE your lifestyle and finally, putting in place an investment strategy to ELEVATE those around you…beyond your own lifetime goals.

We are sure 2021 will again bring us unknowns but we hope our strategy helps take away some of the stress from these periods. Stay safe and thank you again for the trust you place in our team at Quantum.

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