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Quantum Private Wealth Announces New Partnership with for Enhanced Digital Estate Planning Services.


Tampa, Florida - Quantum Private Wealth, a leading wealth management firm, is pleased to announce its new partnership with digital estate planning platform This collaboration will bring together Quantum's high-quality financial advisory services with's state-of-the-art technology, revolutionizing wealth management and how it is perceived by clients.


The partnership with will enable Quantum Private Wealth to provide its clients with an enhanced suite of services and tools for effective estate planning.'s advanced digital platform will offer clients a secure and intuitive interface to establish, organize and manage their estate plans, ensuring the seamless transfer of assets and preserving financial legacies for generations to come.


"My vision for Quantum from the start was to offer our clients a clear view of their assets, their estate and ultimately their legacy. Partnering with and using their innovative technology allows us to do this,” said Jim Perkins, CEO at Quantum Private Wealth.  “By leveraging's technology we will empower our clients with convenient and user-friendly tools to efficiently manage their estate plans and visualize how changes may impact them. Through this partnership, we now offer our clients the ability to create a new estate plan if they do not have one or see how their assets fit into their existing one.”'s digital estate planning platform is designed to streamline the estate planning process, providing clients with greater visibility and control over their financial affairs. With features such as secure document storage, digital legacy planning, and asset tracking, clients can easily consolidate all their estate planning needs in one centralized location.


By aligning their expertise and resources, Quantum Private Wealth and are committed to empowering clients with the tools and knowledge necessary to achieve their estate planning goals. Perkins believes that the partnership will “raise the bar in the wealth management space.”  This partnership is another example of how Quantum Private Wealth is changing the perception and delivery of wealth management. “Our e3 process differentiates us from other wealth management firms as we use it as a foundational financial road map. The addition of a tool that modernizes estate planning and gives clients a dynamic view of their financial picture alongside an always up to date estate plan is a game changer.”  


For more information about Quantum Private Wealth, please visit To learn more about and its digital estate planning platform, visit


Quantum Private Wealth is a leading wealth management firm dedicated to providing exceptional financial advisory services. With an impressive track record, Quantum serves high-net-worth individuals, families, and businesses with their strategic e3 investment approach and unparalleled financial guidance. Please call 954-880-1400 to contact their offices. is a digital estate planning platform that brings innovation to the traditional estate planning process. By combining cutting-edge technology with simplified user experiences, empowers individuals and families to effectively plan their estates, ensuring a smooth transition of assets and financial legacies.



Media Contact:

Christen Zuffa

Quantum Private Wealth

400 N Ashley Drive

Suite 1900

Tampa, Florida 33602


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