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Estate Planning

Introducing unlimited access for our clients to the most comprehensive digital estate planning solution on the market.

We all hear about estate planning, and most of us believe that at some point we should think about doing it. But many are not really sure what it means, how to do it or really even what questions should be asked to begin the process. Our new partnership with is an attempt to answer these basic questions and make estate planning both approachable and easier for our Quantum Private Wealth Clients.

Over the coming days we will be adding a variety of documents to the Quantum Private Wealth library. These documents are road maps or for those of you who remember the little yellow books, these are the Spark Notes or Cliff Notes for financial planning. I hope these primers will demystify the planning process and help our clients ensure that their well-earned wealth is properly and 'legally' titled and cared for. As always, we stand ready to discuss any questions that you might have.

Introducing Wealthcom
Download PDF • 1.44MB

Important information: Quantum Private Wealth is not an estate planning firm. We are not attorneys, don't practice law and do not represent that we can give any form of legal advice.

Please consult an attorney before finalizing any estate plan.

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