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The office ‘is over,’ Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky says; here’s how he envisions the future of work

Many of us have had the luxury of working from wherever we have wanted for the last 2 years. It was a trend that had begun but COVID accelerated it. Now not all companies will be remote forever but there are certainly many tall office building managers that are scratching their head at what they will do with all that empty space. Over the weekend Airbnb Chief Executive Brian Chesky, in an interview with Time magazine’s The Leadership Brief, spoke about what he sees for the future and how flexibility is now more important than a hybrid week or a fixed desk or cubicle. To meet the needs of the 2022 worker Airbnb is telling employees they can now work from almost anywhere in the world without a pay cut in a move that could entice other companies to follow suit and bolster the company’s business.

While some of the reasons for the change have been mentioned, what has enabled this shift is in short...TECHNOLOGY. Virtual offices are empowered by the likes of Microsoft office with their 'Teams' application and their 'Outlook' ability to share calendars and in real-time work on the same 'Word' document from multiple computers. Zoom is the name we all know and how many have not signed an important document using a little known (before 2019) company called DocuSign? Running behind the scenes are CRM, Cyber Security and Work Flow software programs. Software as a Service (SAAS) in the likes of Oracle, Workday, Mailchimp , NetSuite and HubSpot are all in most companies Tech Stack ( this was a phrase that only techies even knew a few years ago...) and allow us all to work and communicate seamlessly. Technology is really the backbone of our work lives...

Chesky may be right, may not, but the fact is whatever comes, technology is changing the world and those who say it 'will never happen' are the same people that invested in buggy whips.

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