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2nd Quarter 2021 Review

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

This is a very special quarterly report for me.

There are several reasons for this but first and foremost this report marks the one-year anniversary of the opening of Quantum Private Wealth. We officially opened our doors on Thursday April 9, 2020. Mind you this was a wild time to shift from our previous firm to an unknown entity that I had dreamt of and worked on opening for over a year. This unsettling period was marked by historic stock market moves, a national shutdown because of a (hopefully) once in a lifetime pandemic, unchecked riots in major US cities and a worldwide level of fear that I had not seen in my 58 years on this planet.

In retrospect I can now say that this was surprisingly the perfect time to make a change. At that moment I know it was stressful for me and frankly I know it was stressful for my family and all my friends. I thank all of you who did not wince when we told you of our plan to move to Quantum, or perhaps you did wince but trusted me enough to make the change. Again, thank you. And a year into this change I hope you are as happy and satisfied with your decision as we are with ours to make this move. For our new friends I want to also thank you for trusting that our firm would meet your needs. In short, my dream for Quantum would not be as successful as it is today without our old and new friends.

Now a year later our firm continues to grow. The most recent addition to the team is Andrea O’Brien. A lifelong UBS Financial employee, Andrea will assist Jen Morreale and other future Quantum hires. We expect to add more people to the team this year including more support, a new advisor and an analyst or two. What started in a chaotic period is growing and prospering.

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