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Our CEO in Sheridan Road Magazine


by Sherry Thomas • August 1, 2021 •

After spending more than 35 years serving high net-worth families and entrepreneurial clients as a Managing Director and Senior Portfolio Manager at the likes of Bear Stearns, Deutsche Bank, and UBS, Jim Perkins knew it was time to launch his own investment boutique. “Following years of thought and planning, we opened our doors in Lake Forest’s historic Market Square in April 2020 at the peak of the COVID-19 crisis,” explains Perkins, founder of Quantum Private Wealth. “It was a scary time in many ways but has proven to be the perfect time to make a change. Perfect because, with the financial uncertainty prevalent during the pandemic, our clients were looking for the type of support and guidance that only an intimate, personalized approach can offer.” Quantum Private Wealth is focused on growing and maintaining the wealth that its clients have created and helping to insure a multi-generational legacy. “Our investment strategy begins with our e3 model— empower, enhance, and elevate. Our firm’s philosophy and process help create a lifelong income stream, grow assets for lifestyle and life experiences, and build a framework and path toward a family legacy,” he says, adding that there’s no substitution for working hard and smart. “No longer hamstrung by the philosophy of big bank managers and commoditized investing, we act as a fiduciary offering personalized advice which puts each client’s individual needs first.” For more information, visit

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